10197 Fire Brigade10211 Grand Emporium10218 Pet Shop
10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van10224 Town Hall10229 Winter Village Cottage
10230 Mini Modulars10232 Palace Cinema10233 Horizon Express
10235 Winter Village10241 Maersk Line Triple-E10243 Parisian Restaurant
20011 Garbage Truck31000 Mini Speeder31001 Mini Skyflyer
31002 Super Racer31003 Red Rotors31004 Fierce Flyer
31005 Construction Hauler31006 Highway Speedster31007 Power Mech
31008 Thunder Wings31009 Small Cottage31011 Aviation Adventures
31022 Turbo Quad40010 Santa with Sleigh Building Set5761 Mini Digger
5762 Mini Plane5763 Dune Hopper5764 Rescue Robot
5765 Transport Truck5766 Log Cabin5767 Cool Cruiser
5770 Lighthouse Island5771 Hillside House5864 Mini Helicopter
5865 Mini Dumper5866 Rotor Rescue5867 Super Speedster
5891 Apple Tree House5892 Sonic Boom5893 Offroad Power
6742 Mini Off-Roader6743 Street Speeder6745 Propeller Power
6910 Mini Sports Car6911 Mini Fire Rescue6912 Super Soarer
6913 Blue Roadster6914 Prehistoric Hunters7291 Street Rebel
7292 Propeller Adventures7345 Transport Chopper7346 Seaside House
7347 Highway Pickup7804 Lizard852820 LEGO® Minifigure Collectors Box
8867 Flexible Train Tracks8870 LEGO® Power Functions Light8878 LEGO® Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box
8879 LEGO® Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control8882 LEGO® Power Functions XL-Motor8884 LEGO® Power Functions IR Receiver
8887 LEGO® Power Functions Transformer/Charger 10VDCAndrew the DesignerAndy the Designer
Anne the ManagerAstrid the DesignerBuilder's Island
Jamie the DesignerJohn-Henry the DesignerLEGO Creator
LEGO Creator WikiLami the DesignerModular Buildings
Morten the DesignerSimon the Designer

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